we buy houses in memphis

Sell Your House Fast In Raleigh

No Realtors. No Repairs. No Cleaning. No Commissions. No Hassle.
Just More Cash In Your Pocket.

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we buy houses in Raleigh
sell my house fast Raleigh
cash home buyers Raleigh

We Buy Houses In Raleigh, TN

Considering selling your house? Let us make you a No Obligation Offer! We Buy Houses As-Is For Cash. No Inspections, No Repairs, No Agent Commissions, No obligations! Learn How Our Home Buying Process Works!

we buy houses in Raleigh

We Are a Local and Trusted, Family-Owned Company.

Memphis Home Buyers is a locally owned Real Estate Investment Company. We buy houses all over the greater Memphis area, pay top dollar, and we buy with cash. This allows us to purchase without contingencies on lending or inspections! We don’t want to waste your time with lowball offers. Our aim is to Help – Not Haggle. If you need to sell your house fast in Memphis, we can close in as soon as 5 days or whenever is convenient for you!

We keep our process fast, convenient & simple.

How the Process Works


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selling my house fast Raleigh

Fill out the form and we will get your cash offer started.


Get Your Offer

we buy houses for cash

We make you an AS-IS cash offer with no obligations. No Staging, No Showings, No Repairs Needed.


Close & Receive Your Funds

home buyers in Raleigh

No bank approvals. No contingencies. No uncertainties. You pick the closing date and get cash for your home!

Raleigh cash buyers

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Close Quickly. Make No Repairs. Pay No Closing Costs.

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sell my house fast Raleigh

We are local. We provide peace of mind. We find solutions regardless of the situation.

We buy ANY PROPERTY in ANY CONDITION in ANY LOCATION in Raleigh and all across TN.

Thinking of selling your home with a realtor?

If you want to sell your house with a real estate agent, here are some things to consider:

  • It is now a “buyers market” which means the buyer has the power in the process of negotiation. Often times this results in requiring repairs or price reductions.
  • Parade Potential Buyers Into Your Home: That means leaving your house for showings or making your tenants uncomfortable.
  • Pay the Listing Agent 3% and Pay the Buyers Agent 3%: We don’t charge any commission. That 6% stays in your pocket. 
  • Make Bank Required Requests: Appraisals & Contingencies often cause a deal to fall thru.
  • Stage the Property for Pictures: It takes a lot of work to create an attractive property listing.

Consider an Easier Way to Sell Your Home That Gives You Flexibility & Less Hassle. Let us crunch the numbers and get you a Fast & Fair Cash Offer.

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We Serve People in Every Situation

We strive to be expert problem solvers when it comes to Real Estate. Our end all goal is to provide a solution in which both parties walk away happy. We want to earn your business, and would love an opportunity to make you an offer on your house.

Need to Avoid Foreclosure?

If you are struggling to make payments and need to consider a short sale to stop forclosure, we can help. We work with the City of Raleigh and with local banks to buy your house and avoid a forclosure or Sheriff Sale. You just need to contact us!

Inherited a House?

We have empathy for clients experiencing loss and want to ease the process of selling an inherited property. We can initiate the probate process with the Register of Wills, work with executors and legal counsel to support you through the selling process. No need to worry about clean-outs, repairs or timelines. We just want to make the process easier.

Falling Behind on Property Taxes? Liens? Water Bills?

Even if you are behind on your property taxes or facing a Sheriff Sale, we are able to help. We can stop an upcoming Sheriff Sale and give you more time to find solutions that work best for you. We can work to reduce or eliminate liens and past due bills to help clear title. You only have to contact us!

Bad Tenants? Squatters?

If you are a landlord that doesn’t want to go through an expensive eviction process and would prefer to sell, we can help. We purchase properties with difficult tenants. We also buy properties with squatters in them. Any situation, any condition.

Selling for financial issues but you still live in it?

If you are living in a house, need to sell but are facing financial issues, you need flexibility around your timeline. With us, you will get that. We will work with you to sell on your preferred timeline. Sell to us but leave whenever you are ready. Give us a call to discuss options that put you in control.

Failed Flips, Fire or Water Damage, Code Violations?

Is the property inhabitable but you need to sell? Is there a lot of work required to make it livable? Regardless of the condition, we mean it when we say “As-Is” condition.

cash home buyers Raleigh

Sell Without Making Repairs

Avoid wasting your valuable time on repairs and the headache of dealing with unreliable contractors. We don’t ask you to do any repairs because we buy houses “as-is”. We buy houses no matter the condition because we do the necessary repairs on our own so we are expert on that.

Sell Without Real Estate Agents

You can see our process or contact us before locking yourself into a long term listing agreement with an agent. Open houses, inspections, contingencies and endless negotiations are no fun at all. We can buy your property today, just fill out the form. No Fees. No Haggling. Just Results.

A Simple Way to Sell Your Home for Cash in Raleigh

Selling your home on the real estate market requires work, time and money. Why deal with all the uncertainty with agents, buyers and banks? When working with us, you eliminate the uncertainty. Get a no-obligation fast & fair cash offer right away, close on your timeline and experience a better way of selling your property.

Get An Offer Right Away

You will get a fast and fair offer right away! We make offers right over the phone or email. All we need is basic property info and pictures if you want to send them!

 Constant Communication

We will always keep you in the loop and give you status updates throughout the entire process. From start to finish, you’ll never feel in the dark.

 Simple To Understand Agreement

We keep our real estate transactions simple, even when it comes to paperwork. You can spend hours reading a 14-page small print contract from a realtor or read a 2-page plain english contract from us.

 Solutions For Many Situations

We are solutions-oriented and will help you figure out the best options for you. We clear liens, stop auctions and work with banks. We want to make your life easier and provide a win-win solution.

 Close With A Reputable Title Company

You can feel safe knowing your transaction will be handled through a reputable title company in Raleigh that will serve as the third party to ensure the transaction goes smoothly.

 Already Got An Offer? Let Us Beat It!

We provide the highest and best offers around! We don’t do low-ball offers. We are confident we can beat or match any written offer. We can do this because we keep houses. We don’t flip houses so we don’t need a deep discount.

Cash For My House Raleigh

No Need To Clean Or Make Repairs!

sell my home fast Raleigh

The picture above was a house we bought facing foreclosure. We had to evict a family of racoons living here, so as you can see, we buy houses in every condition! We Buy Houses As-Is ! We buy any houses Fast, As-Is, and in a Fair Price. So take whatever you want from your property and just leave the rest. It’s incredibly easy. Have old furniture, piles of clothes, or a bunch of junk you’ve been meaning to dump before moving? Don’t worry about it! We will take care of the headache.

we buy Ugly houses

We Buy Houses In Raleigh In Any Situation.

We focus on solutions. It doesn’t matter to us if you are in an upside down mortgage, behind in taxes, or it has liens, we can buy it. We work with Raleigh’s License & Inspection (L&I) department to settle issues, we are able to clear liens on a property, stop auctions and we help broker short sales with banks. Regardless of the situation, we can handle it and help you through any situation. 

We Buy Houses In Raleigh In Any Condition.

We buy houses in every condition. It doesn’t matter if it has fire damage, water damage, or even structural issues, we will buy it and get all the work done so you don’t have to. Contact us today and save yourself the stress. 

Sell Your Property In Raleigh On Your Terms, Without an Agent

Get a Fast & Fair Cash Offer

You can trust our offers. We do our homework so we don’t waste your time with low-ball offers. 

No Repairs. No Staging.

Don’t spend a penny more on that property. We will take it completely As-Is.

No Agents. No Banks. No-Risk.

Why pay agents when you don’t have to? Why wait on a buyer’s bank loan approval to fall through and start from scratch when you can get quick cash at closing?

Close on Your Timeline.

We will work with your situation. We can close as soon as you want or wait until the ideal time for you. 

Honest, Professional, Responsive. See How Many Others Describe Working With Us!

Get A No-Obligation Cash Offer.
You Can Always Say “No”.

Solutions for Raleigh Home Owners to
Sell Their House Fast.

Are back taxes too high? Water bill is outrageous? Gas bill seems incredible?
No problem. We have seen it all before. We can assist will negotiating and buying your property.

Memphis home buyer

Can I Sell to Avoid Foreclosure?

YES! Up until the time your home is scheduled for auction, most lenders would rather work out a compromise that would allow you to sell than take your home in foreclosure. We have the know-how to help with helping you avoid foreclosure all together.

Tenants not paying the rent? Squatters?

 No worries. We will still buy your property fast and work with your tenants to resolve any problems.

we buy houses for cash near me

We are not flippers. We are not out of state speculators. We are local and like to Buy and Keep houses…

Flippers need higher margins to make a transaction work which is why they send low-ball offers. We actually keep our properties so we don’t need to make deeply discounted offers. Get the maximum amount of cash in your pocket by selling to us.

Moving to another house?

We will provide a fast & fair cash offer on your Raleigh house and work on your timeline for a smooth transition…

Going through a divorce is never easy.

We are here to assist with the easiest way to liquidate the property so both parties can feel that they made a fair sale during a difficult time.

See Why Memphis Home Buyers is Google’s Top Ranking Local Cash Buyer in Raleigh with the Highest Number of 5-Star Reviews.

😊 People Love Us, And So Will You 😊