How to Make Bare Land a Profitable Investment Strategy in Memphis

Many people over look land investment, in favor of other vehicles. However, investing in bare land has been making people money for years. Here's how to do it.

Real estate investment has long been a strategy that promises significant returns. Typically, investors consider buildings, homes, or developed areas. However, raw land or bare land investment is an underrated and often overlooked approach that carries the potential for great profitability, especially in cities with booming growth like Memphis. Here’s how you can make bare land a lucrative investment strategy in the heart of Tennessee.

1. Understanding Memphis’s Real Estate Market

Before delving into land investment, one must grasp the real estate trends in Memphis. The city has experienced consistent growth, and with that comes the opportunity for land appreciation. Key indicators to track include population growth, infrastructure developments, and commercial expansions. An understanding of these factors will guide your land investment decisions.

2. Research the Right Locations

Location remains paramount in real estate. When buying bare land in Memphis:

  • Proximity to Amenities: Look for land close to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and transportation hubs.
  • Upcoming Developments: Track upcoming infrastructure projects. If the city plans to build a new highway or transit system nearby, the value of your land could skyrocket.
  • Neighborhood Trends: Study the appreciation rates of different neighborhoods. Investing in an area on the rise will yield higher returns.

3. Zoning Laws and Future Use

Memphis’s zoning regulations determine how a parcel of land can be used. Whether it’s residential, commercial, agricultural, or mixed-use, understanding zoning is crucial. A plot zoned for commercial use in a growing residential area might be a gold mine as convenience stores or shopping centers could be in demand.

4. Development Potential

If you’re considering developing the land in the future:

  • Check the soil quality, especially if you’re considering agriculture or construction.
  • Study the topography. Flat lands are generally easier and cheaper to develop than hilly terrains.
  • Check for utilities. If utilities are already nearby, it reduces the cost of bringing them to your plot.

5. Consider Land Banking

Land banking involves buying and holding land, anticipating future appreciation. As Memphis grows and expands, land prices will likely rise. By purchasing land in strategic locations and holding onto it, you can sell it at a premium in the future.

6. Go Green

With the increasing demand for sustainability, consider turning your land into a green or community space. Organic farms, community gardens, or even renewable energy sources (like solar farms) can not only make the land profitable but also contribute positively to the community.

7. Offer Seller Financing

One way to make an immediate return on your investment is by offering seller financing. By acting as the bank for a buyer and allowing them to make payments over time, you can charge interest and possibly earn more than if you had sold the land outright.

8. Leverage Tax Benefits

Land ownership offers various tax benefits. Depending on how you use the land, you might qualify for agricultural or conservation easements that can reduce your tax bill. Always consult with a tax professional familiar with Memphis’s tax regulations to maximize your benefits.

9. Partner with Local Businesses

Transform your bare land in Memphis into a profitable asset by forming strategic partnerships with local businesses. Utilize your property for pop-up shops, food truck rallies, or temporary event spaces, generating income while supporting community engagement and local entrepreneurship. Such collaborations not only provide a steady revenue stream but also enhance the land’s visibility and potential value, making it a smart investment choice in the thriving Memphis landscape.

10. Stay Informed

Investing in bare land requires a proactive approach to stay abreast of all developments, policies, and market trends that could influence land values in Memphis. Regularly monitor city plans for new infrastructure projects, zoning law changes, and any potential shifts in the economic landscape of the region. Attend local real estate meetings, network with other investors and professionals in the field, and make use of online resources to gather information. Keeping a close eye on Memphis’s growth patterns, emerging neighborhoods, and potential areas for development will enable you to make informed decisions and seize opportunities as they arise, ensuring that your land investment remains a profitable and wise strategy in the long run.


Leveraging bare land as a profitable investment in Memphis becomes seamless with the expertise of Memphis Home Buyers. By strategically partnering with local businesses, utilizing tax benefits, and staying informed about the local market, investors can unlock the full potential of their property. Memphis Home Buyers stands as a steadfast partner, guiding you through each step, ensuring your land investment flourishes in this vibrant city.

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