The Best Way to Sell an Abandoned Property in Memphis

The Best Way to Sell an Abandoned Property in Memphis
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Suppose you have an abandoned property in Memphis and are ready to sell it. In that case, we understand the stress and financial issues you may be facing, and we’ve gathered the following information to help make the process as easy as possible.

Read on as we explore the best way to sell an abandoned property in Memphis.


Selling an abandoned property in Memphis can be a daunting task, but there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure a successful sale. One crucial factor is conducting a thorough assessment of the property to identify any damages and gather estimates for necessary repairs. By doing so, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s best to rehabilitate the property and sell it at market value for a higher profit or to sell it as-is without making any repairs.

Selling a property as-is can be a cost-effective solution, as there are no out-of-pocket expenses involved. However, it’s important to keep in mind that selling a property in its current state may result in a lower sale price. On the other hand, investing in repairs and renovations can increase the market value of the property, allowing for a potentially higher profit.

In addition, selling directly to professional investors like Memphis Home Buyers can eliminate the need for traditional real estate commissions and offer a hassle-free, profitable solution for selling abandoned properties. Our team at Memphis Home Buyers specializes in purchasing abandoned properties, regardless of their condition or location, and we are committed to offering fair cash offers and a smooth transaction process.

Furthermore, when you sell to Memphis Home Buyers, there are no hidden fees or out-of-pocket expenses involved. We will take care of all the necessary repairs and renovations to ensure the property is marketable and attractive to potential buyers. This can save you time and money, allowing you to walk away with a profit and the peace of mind that comes with a hassle-free sale.

In conclusion, selling an abandoned property in Memphis can be a complex process, but with careful consideration and the assistance of a professional investor like Memphis Home Buyers, it can be a profitable and stress-free experience.


Correctly pricing an abandoned property is crucial to its successful sale in Memphis. However, manipulating the asking price and setting it too high can have adverse effects, as potential buyers in today’s market are savvy and will likely pass over the listing in search of better deals. Conversely, setting the price too low may raise red flags and deter buyers. Working with a direct buyer, such as Memphis Home Buyers, offers the benefit of knowing the true market value of your property, allowing for informed decisions regarding listing versus accepting an offer from Memphis Home Buyers. Our team at Memphis Home Buyers is committed to ensuring that you feel confident and satisfied with your decision, both during and after the sale process.


Selling an abandoned property in Memphis through a traditional listing on the market may not be the most financially advantageous option. Between the expenses associated with holding the property, paying for the listing process, and high commissions, the profits from the sale may be significantly reduced once all expenses and fees are paid. However, selling directly to a company like Memphis Home Buyers can save you money as you won’t have to pay any commissions or hidden fees, which can come as a surprise at closing. Additionally, you can avoid expenses such as prep, repairs, holding costs, and marketing expenses. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay any closing costs, so the cash offer provided by Memphis Home Buyers is the exact amount you’ll receive at closing. In addition to cost savings, selling to Memphis Home Buyers also saves time as we can close the deal quickly, typically within a matter of weeks. Alternatively, if needed, we can delay closing until a more convenient date for your move.

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It’s clear to see that by selling directly to Memphis Home Buyers, you save time, money, and headaches, so why not choose the best way to sell an abandoned property in Memphis? The difference starts with communication, so talk to one of our direct buyers at Memphis Home Buyers with no obligation. At Memphis Home Buyers, our direct buyers take the time to stop and listen to answer your questions thoroughly and address any concerns you have about a direct sale. Why not call for a no-obligation consultation and see how a direct sale to Memphis Home Buyers can help solve your problems in selling your abandoned property in Memphis. Call Memphis Home Buyers at (901) 828-8419.

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